Our Policies

Read our code of conduct and find information about our rules

Size of Group

  • The size of the group will be limited to 65

Age and Participation Criteria

  • Dramabuzz is open to home school students between the ages of 13 and 18.

  • The age of the eldest sibling may not be below 13 during the production season. This rule is not negotiable.

  • All new members of drama buzz are expected to serve their first year in the chorus. The directors reserve the right to make exception to this rule.

  • All members must attend day camp/orientation and participate in full.

  • Everyone who auditions for a role must be willing to accept any role including the chorus. Refusal to take a given role will jeopardize a member's chance of being accepted into Drama Buzz in future seasons.

  • No non-Drama buzz members (whether related to members, or friends of members) will be permitted to attend drama practices without prior and explicit permission from the directors.

Discipline Code of Conduct

  • No cast member is allowed to leave the property during any rehearsal time.

  • No food allowed during rehearsals slots.

  • No gadgets/cell phones etc allowed on stage.

  • While the Drama Buzz leadership recognises that genuine feelings of affection may develop between cast members, romantic relationships are discouraged, and public displays of affection (PDA) between cast members are forbidden during all Drama Buzz events. These events include, but are not limited to, Wednesday rehearsals, compulsory week, theatre week, the cast party, and graduation party. Since some scripts and titles call for PDA, these are to be decided by official Drama Buzz directors or choreographers only and may not be inserted by cast members without permission from the relevant adults.

  • If someone chooses to listen to music when they are off stage (i.e. not involved AT ALL in the current rehearsal slot) they must use earphones.

  • Appropriate black clothing should be worn to all rehearsals. Clothing should be modest and allow for a wide range of movement. No dresses or skirts may be worn without leggings. Shirts should be long enough to cover the abdominal area when arms are raised above the head. Necklines must allow for bending forward without gaping. Waistlines of pants should not expose flesh or underwear during movement.

  • Bullying (emotional or physical), teasing, taunting and other mean spirited behaviour will not be tolerated. Directors will expel cast members who are unable to abide by these basic rules of social conduct.

  • Older cast members need to take into consideration that they are socializing with many younger children and need to avoid mature/controversial and taboo topics whether they are directing their conversation to the younger children or not.

  • Cast members may not enter the change rooms of the opposite sex at any time, whether during practices, theatre rehearsals, or productions.

  • All costumes remain the property of Drama Buzz. The Costume Committee makes all the final decisions on what each character will wear. Cast members and parents are to submit to their decisions. All costumes should be worn and cared for as intended.



You can choose to be a non-volunteer parent

  • 1 child: R2500.00 per family

  • 2 children: R3500.00 per family

  • 3 or more children: R4000.00 per family

This means that you can drop your kids off on a Wednesday for the practice and pick them up afterwards.

+ Once-off costume and workshop fee of R600.00/person


The extended volunteer option costs R700/family. However, if you choose this option you need to agree to help the cast with backstage work every Wednesday as well as take some work home with you. People selecting this option need to be willing and able to deal with the pressure of weekly deadlines.

+ Once-off costume and workshop fee of R350.00/person